EDER by Anna is a Sydney based, designer ready-to-wear brand, which melds trans-seasonal simplicity with androgynous undertones and an innovative approach to design and wearability, to create high-end, tailored pieces with a sophisticated, sport luxe edge.

Looking to inject European influence on the Australian contemporary lifestyle, Anna and Marlene Eder are the forces behind EDER by Anna.

Anna Eder, the European born designer behind the brand, is continually inspired by the beauty of French culture, conceptual art forms and style classics, creating timeless and affordable pieces, with a dash of avant-garde appeal.

Whilst the brand and boutique itself were established recently, Anna’s industry experience spans both decades and continents. Drawing on her formative years in Poland, the UK and Germany - working with the likes of Verona Bruschetti - Anna has established herself in Sydney with her signature nod toward androgyny, and distinctive feminine twist.

Marlene’s developed sense of fashion and design stems from her childhood in the studio, absorbing Anna’s processes and her European aesthetic; “looking back, my mother was gently teaching me the ways of fashion”.

An intergenerational design approach is a direct result of this strong mother/daughter dynamic. The pair design for themselves,  collaboratively, but often find that their seasonal favourites were a mastermind of the other.

Together, the pair have amassed a cult-like loyal following for their seasonal ranges featuring an intentional, highly-curated, sports-luxe edge. Each collection features a mix of clever tailoring, relaxed silhouettes and bespoke prints, all produced in limited numbers from natural fibres - in Newtown, Sydney.