Our approach to sustainability is built around the following pillars; longevity, natural & high-quality fabrics, couture techniques and ethical, local, low-waste production.

Sustainability is considered at every stage of the design and production process.

1. Sourcing

EDER by Anna sources fabrics and fibres based on their quality and sustainability; this includes cottons, linens and silks. Synthetic fabrics made from petroleum and non-biodegradable materials are avoided.

2. Production

All garments are designed and manufactured in the Newtown studio with the highest standards of ethicality. The EDER by Anna production team create garments in small numbers, ensuring minimal wastage.

3. Longevity

EDER by Anna designs garments to be worn from season-to-season. High quality fabrics and construction allow garments a longer lifespan, while the silhouettes are unique and contemporary: style to transcend seasons.